///// Your Website Probably SUCKS.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I apologize for the harsh word above, however, it is probably the TRUTH.

There’s ONE THING your website should be doing 24/7 to not suck.

I’ll tell you what I think that is in a second, but first, let me tell you the 5 kinds of people I run into in regards to their website.

  1. They don’t even have a website
  2. They have a website and know that it sucks.
  3. They have a website and don’t know that it sucks.
  4. (The worst LOL) They have a website and THINK it’s awesome, but in reality, it sucks.
  5. They have a website and it’s ok, BUT they don’t realize that it could actually be much better.

Which one are you?

Here’s the #1 thing your website should be doing 24/7:
Turning people (leads, prospects, visitors, etc) into paying CUSTOMERS.

I LOVE helping people get more customers because of their website.

If you’d like me to analyze your website and give a ‘no holds barred’ assessment + a consultation, fill out the linked quick questionnaire below and then book a strategy session time ($199 value for FREE).

Here’s the link: Website strategy and consultation