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Justin Farr’s Résumé

Hi, I’m Justin Farr and I think I might be a GREAT fit for your remote position as an SEO Marketing Expert.

Here’s Why…

I’ve been self-taught in SEO up to this point, taking courses, reading articles, experimenting & keeping my finger on the pulse. If I could focus 100% on SEO for a single company… watch out!

I’ve been building websites for businesses of all sizes & helping them with SEO since 2009. Because I’ve also built websites from the ground up, I have a holistic view of SEO. I truly believe I’m at a tipping point in my career and that being able to focus on a single company’s SEO would skyrocket my XP and massively benefit the team I’m a part of.

I’m a tabletop gamer. I created a business just for fun to mix my passion for games and websites. You can check it out if you’d like over at

I currently manage around 20 websites and here are a few of the things I do for them:

  • SEO execution & consultation
  • Keep everything backed up (in at least 2 different places)
  • Update themes
  • Update plugins
  • Content updates and additions when requested
  • Run systems to keep everything safe & protected
  • Miscellaneous troubleshooting
  • Graphic Design, HTML, CSS

When I build new websites for clients, here’s how I typically serve them:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor & industry research
  • SEO planning
  • Hosting & configuration
  • Website design (and other Graphic Design)
  • Website development (usually customizing existing WP themes)
  • Foundational SEO
  • Setting up & installing Google Analytics
  • SEO consulting
  • Small AdWords Campaigns
  • Google Apps setup (mostly email accounts)
  • Project Managing any complex outsourced solutions

I have a solid understanding of Search Engine Optimization and I know what it takes to research, implement, monitor, report, evolve (then rinse & repeat). I’m good at problem-solving, teachable and ready to learn new things.

I would research the crap out of your product and your competitors from every angle possible. I thoroughly enjoy figuring things out and then applying creativity and empirical data to take it to the next level.

I’m used to working with people and teams located in different time zones when needed.

For example, I’ve built websites and managed complex projects with teams in India, Poland, China, Russia, Thailand and more.

Not to mention all the US time zones too.

Here are a few of the services, skills, and tools I use on a regular basis:


SEO Tools

LongTail Pro, Mangools, Screaming Frog, SEM Rush, Google (yeah it’s a thing).






(and some Illustrator)



& paper


Sublime Text 2















Google Analytics










(I’ve also worked with Maropost & InfusionSoft)




FTW! – References

“Justin is the most ‘well rounded’ problem solver I have had the opportunity to work with. He has an in-depth knowledge of several different digital platforms & mediums and the unique ability to lead teams with excellence thru great use of communication & understanding. He is also great at making complex solutions understandable for the client. His best quality is Integrity. I highly recommend Justin for whatever solution you are seeking his skills for.”

JD Crouse

Owner, Bolder Band® Headbands

“Justin is one of the best Project Managers I have worked with. He knows what he wants from the developers and conveys the same via his excellent communication skills. He has great understanding of web development technologies and it is easy to explain and make him understand the complexities involved in a particular project/app.”

Abbas Ali

CEO / CTO, Ranium Systems Ltd.

“Justin is an absolute failsafe to work with. He’s as dependable as they come, and has the steady calm under pressure that anyone would dream of in a co-worker or employee.”

Meshach Jackson

Founder, JollyScience, LLC

Thank You & Game On!